About the Author

 presciption_0001Patrick Ellsworth Taylor MD is the author of “Wings of Love and War,” subtitled, “A Novel of Adventure, Romance, and Courage.” This is his first book, finished in May of 2013. A historical-biographical fiction, based on the true life of a young man of one of our great generations, the story is about growing up to fight in B-17’s over Nazi Germany in World War II.

  Published in October 2013 is his second work, a science-fiction adventure-thriller, “The Martian Pendant”.

     The author of a number of published medical papers, for the last fifty years he has been a Board-certified Neurosurgeon practicing in San Francisco.

     In addition to his work in Neurosurgery, he and his wife Eivor own and operate a vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley north of San Francisco, producing super-premium red grape varietals. Their harvests, always in great demand, have helped him become an award-winning amateur winemaker as well.

     Born in Los Angeles, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley, involved in the culture of surfing, skiing and hot rods. While still in high school, he worked for a summer as a riveter helping build B-17 bombers. Upon graduation, he served in the Army Air Force Aviation Cadet training program, where he learned to fly.

      A graduate of USC, he received his M.D. from the University of Chicago. Neurosurgical training was in the UCLA program, with a year spent at the National Hospital, Queen Square, in London. After his training, he became a full-time instructor in his specialty at the University of Florida Medical School, before beginning private practice in San Francisco.

     He lives with his wife, a psychologist and editor, in Sausalito and Geyserville, California, where he enjoys a number of other pursuits, including photography, painting, continuing medical education, and travel.